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Give us a minute so we can explain what we are trying to build and achieve. content is primarily focused on music (some can call it underground music). Why we choosed music ? Because we think that underground music scene is pretty evolved nowadays. We live in new wave of independent music, thanks to the technology bloom. And this music is pretty slept on.

We want to deliver information that is most important, most relevant in the time and its visual fit to the subject.
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As for now we bring you best of 2012.

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///Metro Zu

Story by: Crudo

Crudo introduce you to the Pantheon CYBERPHONK lands where Metro Zu and ¢øKE¥ $høRE$ Pø$H GVNG smoke that reefer and "Sell Dem Hos". Second thing first if you ain't know what we talking about download MINK RUG mixtape (released earlier 2012).

Metro Zu collaborated this year with many. Cannot forget to mention highlight collaboration with Speak! on track named CHILL. They are affiliated with SPVCXGHOSTPVRPP and whole RVIDER KLVN. We saw feud between both groups, now things are ok I think or just dont give a f***. They appeared on Vice, Mishka and all major blogs. Definetly peep their latest mixtape ZUOLOGY .

Last words might be "Who is Metro Zu?". Aigh't Metro Zu = RubenSlikk, Lofty305, Mr. B The Poshtronaut and Freebase C$PG. They all make beats. They all rap.

Welcome to Metro Zu mansion, fuck with them! They raw as fuck and artish (on some Jodorowsky pills) in the same time.


Story by: BinnaGod, Photography by: BinnaGod

"Earth is an incubator..A means for experimentation..A garden to nurture love and growth. Some are here to stay , some were sent here from other star systems to help the growth process along a path of prosperity. Thats us.. The BinnaGods .."

Deniro Farrar - Cult rap leader

Story by: Crudo, Photography by: Uknown

Deniro Farrar showed us last yearhis great ability to connect with right people. He released compilation with GreenOva's champ Shady Blaze - Kill or be killed and made EP with production duo Blue Sky Black Death - Cliff Of Death . Deniro also released solo album earlier 2012 DESTINY. altered .

Deniro Farrar made also cameo on Haleek Maul's dark single The Dummy. Peep outstanding video on the right (dir by Red Audio), song is produced by Ryan Hemsworth with great sampling of Grimes Genesis.

ROBB BANK$ - Mixtape of the year

Story by: Crudo, Photography by: Uknown

"Ain't nothin' but a gangsta party............ SSxOBP. Savage Life/ $$Repect My Mind$$ Calendars .. YOTS coming when you dead bitch"

JaYe - Slept on artist of the year

Story by: Crudo, Photography by: Uknown

Space Jam JaYe is definetly most slept on rapper of the year. With Red Audio they put constant quality videos. Listen JaYe's Fly Mob EP and buy FIAT LVX compilation off iTunes.

JaYe's tumblr type artwork is definetly worth of watch. Check


BSBD - Production duo of the year

Story by: Crudo

Seattle & San Francisco based production duo is listed on many great releases of last year. They produced for Nacho Picaso, Deniro Farrar, Pepperboy, 100s, Key Nyata, Mr MFN eXquire and self produced their own material. For more information visit their site

Their music is mix of many genres, it's mostly dark, contain great sampling / interpolation and above everything their music got vibes. BSBD and Key Nyata work on mixtape comming out early 2013. They released first single and shoot outstanding video for it peep it on the right.

I n n e r C i t y K i d s

Story by: Crudo

NYC based Inner City Kids consists of Aaron Cohen, Abgohard and Spaceman. Aaron Cohen did put an album Murk via Mishka last year, its pretty decent record. Production credits goes to A$AP Ty, Black Noi$e, Infinite Jeanius and Ryan Hemsworth. “Stanley Kubrick” is definetly outstanding song here.

Talking about Inner City Kids I cannot forget to mention Abgohard, groups probably most controversial member. He got nicknamed "weirdnigga" for doing "Make Me Cum" search it on youtube btw what's wrong with being weird ?! Abgohard's raw as fuck no doubt and his intonation is damn good for ears. Got love for release - and some other tracks such as Garden Full[Snakes Pt.II] Be on look out for ZUBAT. Soft ass rappers get cover.

Check Abgohard and InnerCityKids tumblr pages.

Haleek Maul - Rookie of the year

Story by: Crudo

16 years old Barbadian rapper Haleek Maul is one of the best young rappers making music out here, period. His debut project Oxyconteen (released earlier last year via British label Merok Records) was definetly great opener to the game, actually what game ? He is alone in this game, not many people can compete with him.

Production on Oxyconteen is handled by Supreme Cuts, The-Drum, King Britt, EPLP and Strat Carter. 88 of Oxyconteen got (well)deserved video. Haleek's flow on this joint (not only on this joint) is out of this world, semi-paranoid lyrics with mysterious background and great story telling - this is Haleek's world. Haleek Maul is cult rapper, he don't need to rap about weed, fake relationships and other nowadays so called "real" rap topics.

Later last year Haleek Maul and Supreme Cuts released Chrome Lips LP via Мишка. Read promotional text and download Chrome Lips


Story by: Crudo, Photography by: Joseph Zentil

Yo, Purrp did his thing last year, fuck what you heard. We really appreciate his timeless work, extending Raider Klan and beefing with Rocky.

He did put an EP out - B.M.W and a mixtape - GOD OF BLACK . He's just too real for this planet but who gives a fuck ?

Let's move to Raider Klan representatives. Yung Simmie 275 mentality , we go to war. Key Nyata Pitch Black , paint it all black. Amber London stays Low MF Key Nell and Ethelwulf they on some next level shit with Pistol Grip Theres more dope music, search it on youtube! You might find some gems.

Pepperboy///Inspirational artist

Story by: Crudo

Arkansas, Little Rock native Pepperboy is definition of realness, rawness and freshness all in positive way. He is connected with Lil B's producer Keyboard Kid and Basedgod himself. I remember that I first saw him (Pepp boy) somehow on twitter but I got into his music since PTS .

It is always pleasure to see people doing what they supposed to do and doing it for themselfs and people out here. Not for money, fame and other evil things. He is that kind of artist who will make you listen to lyrics and feel his music like really, really feel it. You can be 100% sure that he is no pose because bruh, because he is doing it some time. He did discover his style, formula and maybe new sub-genre not knowing that Lil B already discovered it :)

With Keyboard Kid they are working on an album, hopefuly out soon. He's also connected with Blue Sky Black Death a production duo based in Seattle who produced one his best record Love My Life He is also working on EP with Gree Ova owns Mondre Man out in 2013.

Download Pepp boy's latest release - Nitetime . Production credits goes to Terio, Black Tim, BSBD and many more.

Antwon - Video of the year

Story by: Crudo, Photography by: Wablesphoto

When Antwon video HELICOPTER came out I've literally pissed my pants. Visual is so rad and atmosferic, you will love it. It is blended with shots from Bullit movie and it's car chase (most expensive car chase of that era by the way). Everything in this video fits - costumes, people, colors, music, camera so it's simply best music video of the year 2012. Shouts to Brandon Tauszik for video direction and Jon Smith for video production. Music production credit goes to Walshmusic.

Respect #NATUREBOYGANG and buy Antwon latest release END OF EARTH (listed #1 in top 20 releases of 2012 on Mishka blog)

Here is lil present for yall HIDDEN ROOM (HEATSTROKE REMIX)

Aj Suede

Story by: Crudo

Free minded Aj Suede put day before xmas selfproduced mixtape The Holy Pope . There is not many information about Suede God so let the music speak for him (it is dark with great lyrical delivery).

He is producer, video and creative director in one person. Earlier this year we could see him waving on some blogs presenting video Torture Porn.

Slow Magic

Story by: Crudo, Photography by: Luca Venter

You might think that is only rap music related, you are wrong with this. Our electronic release of the year is Slow Magic - ▲

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