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Welcome to Crudo 2nd Issue. Producers and beatmakers are mostly overlooked and underrated. With this instrumental issue we want to put some light on them. Producers are body of the music and without them there would deathlike silence. One note for every singer or rapper - dedicate all income of one of your albums just to producers / beatmakers, they fully deserve it and you will not burn in hell for being greedy.

We want to make reading blogs an experience.

Truly Yours, Team.

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UDF - Interview with Khrist Koopa

Story by: @Turi450


“UDF is the group, the sound, the movement” and we bring you exclusive interview with a producer of this group Khrist Koopa, his first one ever published. Let us introduce him to you…

KK: I’ve been making beats since I was 13, recording with the homie I grew up with. I started a genre called Dust Funk, that's the sound. Everything came together when I met Bolo Nef and Caz Greez, that's the team, UDF.

How old are you now? How do you make beats ?

KK: I’m 22. I make my beats on Reason. I get most of my samples from vinyl. I use a midi keyboard too. The rest is secret

I like dust funk sound. Do you rap too?

KK: Actually I don’t rap at all. I started out DJ'ing before I made beats. But I loved making beats more than anything, so I decided to put all my energy into that.

About the “UDF - UDF”, was that your first album together? Did you do some stuff before, which I can’t find, hah? How many people are in UDF?

KK: There’s a whole lot of old music you can't find haha. We made music together for years before we formed UDF. We were in a group with a couple other people at first. Me and Caz had a rare chemistry and decided to do a whole album together. That was the birth of UDF. That’s when the vision came together. We were with Bolo all the time and it naturally became a group, we're all UDF even though our first album was technically me and Caz. UDF is the group, the genre, the movement. The core is us 3 but we're expanding. Aighty does photos and other shit, Izraho does graphics, PaidRoza does videos, shout out to them.


Your 1st album came out in April, right? And just two weeks before you released 2nd one “BARS & BULLETS”, fully including Bolo. It’s quite soon after the first one! What do you work on now?

KK: Yep, the 1st dropped in April, we started recording it in summer 2012 but now that we got our foot in the door we're working a lot faster. I have a secret project with Bolo in the works, that's gonna be real dusty but it'll have a twist to it, I’m real excited about that. I want people to know what Dust Funk is, I want people to know what UDF is. The more I describe Dust Funk the less it means. That gritty shit. There’s more to it than what’s been exposed so far. People are starting to "get it" though. We're always working. Caz is in the studio with me right now. He's working on a solo with other producers, I've got some of my best beats on that. I’m working with another producer named SHMX right now, we're gonna do an EP with the beats we're making together. Bolo just finished an album that Ryan Evans produced, he’s fuckin dope. So that’s 4 projects lined up, all that should be out by the end of the year.

What about Seattle? Tell me how is the hip-hop scene there like. Do you like Macklemore? lol )))

KK: The northwest influences me. I like the trees and the water out here. The scene has no influence on me. This is the Suicide Capitol, you can hear the Gloom in my music. Seattle music is changing right now and I like how its changing. I fuck with Nacho, Key Nyata, Avatar, Keyboard Kid, Gorgeous Children, BSBD, Alice In Chains and all that. There’s cool shit going on. I don’t listen to Macklemore.

And what about BRKlan? I liked your featuring with Key Nyata!

KK: Key is the bro. I'll definitely work with him again, I just spoke to him about that recently. He killed Down to Bleed and I know it will be next level when we get in the studio again.

Thanks for your time, mane, appreciate it. Is there anything extra you would like to say as a final word?

KK: I really appreciate the interest and support. I’m glad people overseas are rockin with me. One day music will bring me out there.

Royce Charms

Story by: @Turi450

Sixteen years old (young) producer from Long Beach, California. Working on his simple atmospheric beats for two years now and is preparing his 3rd project “NATSU” which “will be out soon” in his words. Royce is also co-founder of Long Beach based collective called “DESU BOYS”.

Kid Art

Story by: @Turi450

Producer, rapper, director. Kid is one of the creators of present NYC sound. Producing boombap shit in his very own way adding fresh sounds and a lot of samples. Based in Harlem he is member and co-founder of CHEER$ CLUB together with Vinny Cha$e. Those two are on rise-up together. Kid Art´s specific beats and high art videos together with Vinny´s rap. Time to time he adds verse to their songs; he is as good rapper as producer. Everything he does is worth to listen/watch. Stay tuned for “KINGS LANDING”. Feel the Art.

Myth Syzer

Story by: @Turi450

Again. Thanks to fact that he's doing projects over the seas he caught our attention. He did album with Perrion "From Paris With Love" and with Shvun Dxn "Stairway To Blackland". Both mentioned in previous issue. This french white guy from Paris can do it somehow differently. Let's go backwards and try his first project "FuhEp" from 2011.

The Shadowed Diamond

Story by: @doubleop

Long awaited and highly appreciated phonkey album by B.R.K X C.O.T.S reprezentative Key Nyata is finally here. Album is mostly produced by Key Nyata himself. Respect true prince of tha phonk, rush to his soundcloud and listen Key Nyata - The Shadowed Diamond

Keyboard Kid

Story by: @turi450

I know you know. BASEDWORLD. No words needed. You know, Lil B's main producer. He's gonna be legend too.... Wait, he is already! Author of very unique beats, you surely and easily recognize his sound. Credits by Metro Zu, Denzel Curry, Pepperboy (rap album together!), Shady Blaze, Deniro Ferrar, Western Tink, SouljaBoy, Chip Tha Ripper and more... Check out his last instrumental EP released 8.10.2013 "#RARE FOR PURCHASE VOL. 2"


Story by: @doubleop

Paris, France based production duo TWINSMATIC released their first official production mixtape. It's called #TROUBLESEASON and all songs are hella smooth. Enjoy their music.

Johnny Rain - Jericho

Story by: @doubleop

Johnny Rain's mixtape L.O.M. (Lullaby Of Machine) is a GEM. If you did not hear about him yet, go and jump on it. Also watch his newest video for song Jericho which is also on L.O.M. Talking about production credits a lot work was contributed by Nova. Nova is very young producer (16 years old) and his production credits goes by Lashaun Ellis, Kirko Bangz, Chinx Drugz, Wiz Khalifa, Lil Chuckee.

Space Ghost - Patient Mind

Story by: @doubleop

Oakland based producer Space Ghost is well known for his distorted drums and beautiful ambient melodies. His sound can be easily recognized meaning he's one of the most unique producers. He's affiliated with Astro Nautico and Ontask Family

In 2012 he dropped album You're There and in 2013 he just dropped his newest release called Patient Mind which you can buy on CD. This physical CD comes with an additional free download of 30 songs, either previously unheard or unavailable for download on Soundcloud. Both records were release via Astro Nautico records. Support Space Ghost.

Sam Siegel - American Degenerate

Story by: @doubleop

Sam Siegel is that young fly italian from NYC. We did interview with him in the previous issue. Now we are happy that his free album is out. Go stream, download or buy "American Degenerate" - it's such a good album.


Story by: @doubleop

I don't even how I discovered this but it does not matter. S/O to BeeaЯeΔyeDee. Mix of songs is just too dope, its all wavy stuff, chopped and screwed stuff. Get some lean, kush and get fucked up to BeeaReAyeDee - "Don't Forget The Ice Vol. 3"

Supreme Cuts

Story by: @doubleop

Supreme Cuts is a Chicago based production duo and their credits count Haleek Maul, Mykki Blanco, Main Attrakionz. They released two instrumental projects LP Whispers in the Dark and mixtape Chrome Lips with Haleek Maul.

Their sound can be described as atmosferic, mostly dark but sometimes bright. They have great detail for doing things on microscopic level, you will hardly find this level of detail done by other producers. Oh and don't forget to download Chrome Lips instrumental version.


MFK, the ScrewBoss

Story by: @Turi450

Washington DC, based. Chillwave. Experimental. Trill-Fi. Trillwave. Flexican, Swavor Gator. Goth Money Records. No extra words needed, just listen his art...


Hidden In The Mist

Story by: @doubleop

Hidden In The Mist is mind blowing, you will hardly find better mixtape out this year 2013. Trap clouds everywhere, heavenly misty sounds by Chris Travis. Download Hidden In The Mist

We all die in that pussy

Ryan Evans - Yurei EP

Story by: @doubleop

Yurei EP by Ryan Evans is flowing heavily through the internet already. Almost every track contains pitched (up or down) vocal chops. Hey it does not sound like old Kanye, it sounds kinda like Friendzone but unique in its own way, more dark way. Conservatory is truly outstanding song, coming up and front, echoing, makes you feel like melting.

Ryan Evans production credits goes through "underground" artists like Pepperboy, Bolo Nef, Isaiah Toothtaker, Caz Greez. He also did a lot of remixes which can be found on his tumblr page

Ethel Wulf - Kemuri Video

Story by: @doubleop

In reminiscence of Damare Shizukani Ethel Wulf just released new video for song Kemuri.

Rome Fortune - SAFETY Video

Story by: @doubleop

Rome Fortune is sniper on your roof and you'd better watch his new video off Beautiful Pimp II. Sound of this song is somewhere else. Kinda reminds me Young L's production style. Anyway fuck with this raw shit.

OG Dutch Master - Dirty Diamonds Video

Story by: @Turi450

I've been bumbin' on this youngster since Art Of War... Dirty Diamonds is the latest visualization of his music, magnificent istrumental, quite emotional self-expression - single of his second mixtape Blue Light District. YOU CAN'T IGNORE THIS. RIP LIL SNUPE.

Friendzone - DX

Story by: @doubleop

James Laurence and Dylan Reznick, production duo from Oakland. They produced tracks for Main Attrakionz, ASAP Rocky, Mykki Blanco, Yung Lean, Deniro Farrar, Shady Blaze and LWH.

It's autumn and I was waiting for music like that to come out. I was waiting for something that you can bump while you on the go, when it's raining or not, while stuck in the traffic jam, while walking in forest and relaxing, while you working, or just before going to sleep xD

Heat Stroke - Interview

Story by: @Turi450

Introduce yoself, mane!

Heat Stroke: I'm 24 now‬‬, living in Knoxville Tennessee. I make beats using a lot of samples but I'm trying to move away from that. I do a bunch of remixes, some production for rap artists I admire.

“Private connections” is full of samples right? It’s very specific music you make... mixture of little bit this little that, how would you describe your music yourself? What’s your inspiration?

HS: Yes, private collections is chocked full of samples, more than I can even remember‬‬… And my genre... I don't really know. Sometimes it is very french house but other times it's much more aggressive than that. Other times I think it sounds like a slightly more interesting rap beat… Inspiration wise I like a lot of everything, obviously I listen to a lot of 80's synth funk. But I like a lot of the underground rap that's going on right now. I certainly get a lot of inspiration/motivation from the people around me here in Knoxville that are making music‬‬, perhaps not sonically, but in terms of work ethic and experimentation and just being creative in general.

You've mentioned rap artists you already featured, I guess you mean Sortahuman, is he from Knoxville too? Are there any other rappers who you are collaborating right now or in future?

HS: Nah, Sortahuman is in Alabama‬‬, Hunstville I think. I have something on Supa's solo project and then I've sent him a few more beats that who knows will be on the final track‬. But I'm not actively working with anyone else at the moment.‬‬

And what about Antwon? Did you meet up with him personally? I liked that remix tho…‬‬

HS: Thanks dude me too! I'm proud of that one.‬‬.. No, that was a whole strange internet thing - his manager contacted me and sent me the stems. Then they released that remix EP or whatever right before (or after?) “In Dark Denim” dropped. I'm glad that his fans seemed to like it. That's the best, when u can re-touch something and the original artist's fans actually fuck with it, that was cool, since he's like super buzzing now. He's actually worked with two Knoxville producers now which is funny to me.

You should do more stuff with him too, I think!‬‬

HS: Yeah, I should send him an email‬‬.. They fuck with Antwon in Prague? That's amazing!

Yes! So, what are your upcoming projects? What are you working on now? Is Amdiscs your label?‬‬

HS: No comment on Amdiscs. I have a single that I hope to have out by the end of the year. More remixes - one for Window, Mirror Kisses, Alligator Indian… I've been working on a solo release that's really weird, but that won't come out until it's sufficiently strange. I'm always in the middle of some shit.

I see.. Will that be another whole instrumental thing? ‬‬

HS: Yeah, for sure‬‬. At some point me and Sortahuman will do a full length as well, we both agree on that, but it's just about scheduling. those dudes NEVER stop working

Hopefully! ‬‬Thanks for your time!‬‬

HS: It'll happen. It'll be great‬‬. It was good to talk with you! Best of luck with !

Two 9 - FRVR

Story by: @Turi450

This track is THE anthem... This is a throwback... The hype around this movement based in Atlanta is getting bigger this year 2013. Finally. New mixtape coming out soon. Keep your eyes on! TWO9 FRVR

Ryan Hemsworth

Story by: @Turi450

Canadian melodic beats with diverse artists on feature. Ryan is master of remixes. Internet is going nuts on his works - dub step, chill step, trap, house and more unspecific beats. For instance of rap collaboration he did tracks with Deniro Farrar, Shady Blaze, Aaron Cohen. Listen to his last single (featuring Lofty305 of MetroZu) with video off upcoming album "Guilt Trips"

Khalil Nova

Story by: @Turi450

THE SPACE DON. Super unique 2in1 artist - rapping producer. Well, let's say his beats make him so unique because the sound is in his words "end of the universe, pure destruction, supernova". Experimental crazy but catchy shit. He took over in 2012 with a LOT of mixtapes. "FIND" mixtape is releasing December 6th 2013 via MISHKA again.

Chris Cartier - The Flame Video

Ethereal - E

Story by: @doubleop

24 years old Obie Snares aka Ethereal is producer, rapper and scientist from ATL, US. His newest material was released on 31st October 2013 and it's album called "E" Just to mention he did beats for Rome Fortune, MoRuf. His sound can be described as spaced out, experimental.

E is just an excerpt from my life. An opening into my reasoning in this realm and my perception of the things around me. - Ethereal


Story by: @doubleop

M E T R O P O L I S is brand new and debut album released by Canadian artist Ramsay Almighty. Album is given to listeners for free and can be downloaded from Soundcloud. There are actually no features on the album which creates it more unique and introspective. You can feel which way Ramsay is going to walk. His flow is somewhere between Cudi, Kanye, Drake. My fav joint on the album is Holla. Production credits goes mainly to Nova and Evil Needles.

$1 Bin


Hailing from Harlem, NY, Tyrone "$1 Bin" Broughton is making his imprint on music not only as a producer, but with his skills as a DJ and engineer. Dollar makes himself a stand out with his unique style and high quality production, mixing elements from house music to hip hop to create his distinctive sound. His previous highlights include big collaborations like his work with Hucci for the "GN$" EP and a banging remix of Riff Raff’s track "Terror Wrist", a joint effort with Ryan Hemsworth.

Make sure to play his newest project which is collaboration EP Turnt 101 with NYC rapper Goldie Glo.


Story by: @Turi450

NURI always surprise me. Indescribable style. His production is vary one by one dependently on artist he cooperates with. Credits goes to B.Way, Sir Michael Rocks, Nik SB and many Miami raiders where he is based.

He works with other producers as well - Freebase, Poshtronaut... Probably not necessary to mention he is the co-producer of the best beat in 2012.. Yes, I mean that grating shit titled "Refined" he did with Spaceghostpurrp & Robb Bank$. Hopefully we get more tunes in cooperation with Robb, cause as I know that's the duo which is fitting.

Stay tuned for instrumental EP be out by the end of this year "Feel Love With No Regret" listen to the bonus track off that thing.

MoRuf - Shades.Of.Moo

Story by: @doubleop

Shades fade away and moo is shinning when you listen to latest effort by New Jersey based artist MoRuf. Shades.Of.Moo is to me like a big suprise this year (2013). Instrumentals used on this project are so damn warm, jazzy and what MoRuf spits is so pure, cold and real.

Production credits goes to Siman Omari, Knxwledge, Madlib, MeLo-X, Ethereal and more. This is a gem. Go for it, share it, stream it and get high to "Shades.Of.Moo".