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Welcome to Crudo 3rd Issue.

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Wati Heru

Story by: @Turi450

Wati Is Some Hood Anime Nigga. Cray shit outta Flatbush. Classic NY 90's shit with some new young feeling. Just bump it on!


Story by: @Turi450

Eighteen years. This Pimp Mac Named Rick is authentic South Florida rider of nowadays. He is known to collaborate with Denzel Curry, Ethelwulf and others based down there in a Blackland. Check out his minimalistic website http://indigochildrick.com for downloading his very first collection of dirty dark raps... Be aware of his productions as well - his alter ego FABRICK is to be known mainly for the best remix of Basquiat's "IM THAT NI##A".
/photo by FXRBES/

Hefna Gwap

Story by: @Turi450

Leaned up for real.. Thats Hefna flossin his unique flows on a bizarre beat. Call him On a Phone. Probably he's Still In The Lab.


Story by: @Turi450

There we have a movement worthy to follow! A rap/hip-hop/skate collective of Greensboro, NC by the name of FANG a.k.a. Fuck A Name Gang a.k.a. "The Pyramid Posse".
Including the artists: J.K. The Rapper, MTown, Clint Norway, 2chea The Zombie, Smooth, Kane, Austin Geata(skater)

Mary Gold

Story by: @Turi450

Newcomer signed under Curren$y's Jet Life. Hopefully she don't die soon. Watch her surrealistic psychotic video.

Blue Daisy - Psychotic Love

Story by: @Turi450

Psychotic Love from the UK. No words needed. Just watch this and get scared.


Tommy Kruise

Story by: @doubleop

Who is not waiting for Memphis Confidential Vol.2 ? Just tell me. Tommy Kruise Quebec producer, beat maker, a gargoyle. Mon corps is one the most dope remixes you will ever heard, this combination is just too heavy.


Lil Champ FWAY

Story by: @Turi450

Young Fway GOD aka Co-CEO of FWAY Nation Entertainment aka 275 affiliate. You shouldn't miss his last release FINESSE MUZIK including feats with Yung Simmie & Ceshy Kesh Dolla. Pop pussy for the KLVN.



Story by: @doubleop

16 year old Lil Spook aka Spooky Black is the shit. He is rocking du-rags and is settled somewhere between James Blake and Yung Lean. Listen and buy his newest mixtape BLACK SILK, it's catchy and raw, dude can sign foreal.

Avatar Darko & Nacho Picasso

Story by: @Turi450

Young Avatar Blaze aka russian rapper from Seattle is doing his very own thing alongside with his fellow Nacho Picasso. Gritty beats, raps about guns, drug possession all over the world...
They're known to do single projects as well as some tracks together. My favorite is SOVIET GOONION 2. This name is appropriate. Soviet thing... Listen to latest Nacho's prix tape. This duo is on rise up, definitely...